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Therapist Support Group



CALL ANN ON 0793 130 1487
Dates: Call for 2014 dates

The aim of this group and its meetings are to help develop, encourage,and promote alternative practices within the Reading area and raise awareness through supporting
each other as a group network.

The networking meetings are for holistic practitioners, mediums, coaches, therapists, teachers, who are currently working and would like to meet up with other like minded to discuss and share business ideas and join in group discussions.

Each month we will meet and, on occasions, have a guest speaker who will come and share their business knowledge and experience in their field, helping you create more clients and business opportunities.


PRANIC HEALING was our topic in August and a huge thank you to our speaker Cleo. A very interesting introduction to Pranic Healing enabling us to view a healing taking place. Training is available locally and details are available if you would like further details.

Jane Sheehan has delivered the "Foot Reading" session and a result we shall be arrange a training event soon so please let me know if you want to learn more about this fascinating subject.

What a fantastic evening! Jan Sussex introduced us to the world of crystals and we were fortunate to purchase items at a much reduced rate.

The hall was dazzling with the crystals and stones that Jan had on show. The room was buzzing with discussion and from the energies from not only the crystals, but also from the special people who attended - thank you very much. The properties of each one was explained and distributed for us to feel. We all had the chance to practice dowsing following the presentation and I had the most wonderful Chakra balancing with the crystals.

I certainly learned a lot and have a wonderful evening - which was very much the same feedback I was receiving from those who had attended.

Vatché Papazian kindly delivered a very special session for us which enthralled the audience and encouraged a huge amount of interest in the tarot cards. He not only told us about the history and current day beliefs related to the tarot but provided wonderful readings for us all.

Vatché can deliver a reading for you if you so wish. He is a self-taught tarot reader (although he has attended tarot and psychic workshops). He does not use the tarot for predictive purposes, although there is an element of prediction in it, which one can take it or leave it. He uses the tarot to empower the seeker to get more insights into their world, their issue{s} and the question at hand. Whilst we all have free will to conduct our affairs the way we see fit, the tarot is great for self development and guidance. Do let me know if you wish to receive his contact details.

Have you heard about "Mind and Body Therapy"?

We had a wonderful evening experiencing the fantastic hynotic relaxation aid to massage - introduced to us by Jayne Wells, you need to find out more - tell Jayne you heard about if from this website and you may receive an offer. You can find out more from I was sold and the added bonus is the session will not only help induce relaxation but has been known to aid and reduce pain.

Thank you Phil for a fantastic insight and experience of Lava Shell Massage.
The warm, soothing heat received during the massage was fantastic -
the no fuss way to offer the most relaxing massage ever.

If you missed the September session and want to know more
about Lava Shell Massage or to book a treatment do let me know.

Tracey provided a thought-provoking session when she explained and demonstrated how she delivers a session as a Shamanic Practitioner. Many therapists who attended are intrigued to find out more and a session is currently being arranged for a different evening - let us know if you wish to find out more and attend the session.

Bernard is passionate about yoga and provided a fun session on how to incorporate yoga into our lives on a daily basis.

His message - "Your Health is Your Responsibility".

From his input it was clear to see and feel the benefits. I am lucky to have found a wonderful Dru Teacher, Julie Bushell, in Burghfield and Bernard attends a Hatha Yoga class near Caversham. Let us know if we can help you to find a yoga teacher that suits you and your location.

We were introduced to Chi Gung by Simon Thackeray which was well received by all. If you are interested in finding out more about this ancient art please do let me know.

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