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Eastern Facial Massage

Eastern Facial Massage Diploma Course - £140

9th February, 8th March, 13th April, 12th July, 6th September, 23rd November or 3 evening sessions.

This massage incorporates the shoulders, neck and scalp as well as the face. The aim of the massage is not only relaxation but also to remove toxins from the face and balances ki, or life force to improve overall health.

The purpose of Eastern Facial Massage is to work the facial meridians and tsubos (acupuncture points). This gentle stimulation of the nervous system has many positive effects for your clients - increasing blood and lymph circulation, reducing wrinkles, repairing and balancing the condition of the skin.

The Eastern Facial Massage has the overall effect of minimize the ageing process, and leaves your client’s face looking healthy and feeling great.

This fascinating course covers the theory of acupressure points, and how to locate and work the points. The massage routine is in several parts and incorporates various movements designed to give your client a complete holistic experience.

The massage is ideal for Beauty therapists to give an additional dimension to their usual Facials. It is also a perfect addition to general massage repertoire.

Massage training course content

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Consultation procedures
  • Benefits of massage
  • History of massage
  • Contra-indications to treatment
  • Massage sequence
  • Client aftercare

Duration : One Day

Entry Requirement : None

Diploma : Accredited by The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and The Guild of Holistic Therapists

CPD Points : 11

Reproduced with the kind permission of Sarah Sanders. Copyright Sarah Sanders, OASISTIME – March 2009. All rights reserved.

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