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Crystal Massage

17th May, 21st September or 3 evening sessions.

This massage course is perfect for therapists who wish to expand their holistic massage skills and add this unusual and luxurious treatment to their list of therapies. This massage can be priced more than a traditional massage, making it a very lucrative treatment to offer. Students must have a qualification in Anatomy & Physiology prior to enrolling - previous massage experience is helpful but not essential, so practitioner qualified in other holistic disciplines are welcome. A qualification or knowledge of crystals would also be useful.

This unusual one day intensive course covers lots of interesting theory about crystals. This will give you a brief grounding in the way that crystal therapy works on the energy systems of the whole body. The course also looks at the body meridian systems and how the massage assists with total health and well being.

By incorporating various types, size and shape of crystals into a massage, it can vastly increases the therapeutic results of the massage and enhance the clients’ physical, mental, spiritual and emotional awareness. Massaging with crystals enable the therapist to give an intensity of pressure to certain muscle areas to encourage the elimination of knots and congestion. Working deeply with the ends of the wand also stimulates the acupressure points, or meridians, and also the subtle energy vortexes called chakras.

This course also covers the client consultation process, aftercare and product selection, plus information on Insurance, Data Protection and the relevant anatomy. The massage routine is in several parts and teaches you how to work the crystal shapes with confidence to give your clients a wonderful holistic experience.

A Crystal Massage treatment usually lasts 50 minutes and would be a one hour treatment. It should be priced at slightly higher than your usual hourly massage rate which may vary between £30 and £75 per hour, depending on the area in which you practice.

The massage routine has also been especially developed by the Principal of Oasis-Time who developed this routine herself for use on her clients. All the items you use on the course will be provided for you. Details of the recommended crystal you will need, will covered in detail on the course. We advise you not to invest in anything before you come along.

Crystal therapy, as with all massage, has physiological effects on the mind, body and spirit as the state of deep relaxation encourages rejuvenation of the whole being. This massage works on various levels for the client, so encouraging deep relaxation, a calm state of mind and relief from aches and pains.

Course content

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Products and equipment required
  • Consultation procedures
  • Contra-indications to treatment
  • Cleansing and energising of crystals
  • Massage sequence using a variety of crystals and crystal shapes
  • Meridian Energy
  • Client aftercare

Duration: 7 hours

Entry requirements: Anatomy & Physiology qualification and experience in full body massage.
Diploma Accreditation: Accredited by The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and The Guild of Holistic Therapists.

CPD points: 11

Crystal Massage with wands, spheres and palm stones Diploma Course - £150

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