First Aid for Therapists



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About the course:
This is an ideal course for therapists and individuals involved in the health and leisure industry. A day for everyone who seeks the knowledge to manage First Aid situations confidently and learn more about the genuine healing powers of natural remedies.

These First Aid for Therapists one-day courses are designed to be particularly suitable for Complementary Health Practitioners and those who have an interest in natural medicine. Specifically designed for those who need to have a valid First Aid certificate as part of their complementary therapy training and for anyone who needs to update their Appointment Person/Emergency First Aid qualification for any reason. 
First Aid aspects include: Resuscitation – Heart Attacks – The Unconscious Casualty – Fainting – Choking – Fits – Burns and other areas of special interest to the group.
The day is enhanced with the sessions on Adverse Reactions/Allergies which is particularly relevant to those working alone or at home. This is followed by a fascinating introduction to the use of Natural Remedies in First Aid and preventative medicine, including the use of acupressure, aromatherapy and natural foods – for the personal use of those attending.
Certificates suitable for Appointed Person and Emergency Aid Training as recommended by HSE, valid 3 years.

Course content:

  •    What to do in an emergency
  •         Resuscitation
  •          Heart Attacks
  •          Fainting
  •          Choking
  •          Fits
  •          Burns
  •          Wounds and Bleedings
  •          Adverse Reactions
  •          Allergies
  •          Anaphylactic Shock
  •          Natural Remedies
  •     and more

One Day. Lunch not included. 

Entry requirements:
No prior knowledge
Continuous Professional Development:
This course has been awarded 5 CPD points - 10 points FHT 
David Tagg of Back to Work
One day course only £80.00 to ensure small classes for effective learning
SPECIAL OFFER - Two or more booking at the same time receive a 10% discount.

Note: First Aid training changes in October to annual training so get your certificate to cover 3 years now.